About CZ Consulting

CZ Consulting is a professional and dedicated corporate culture consulting organization invested by sedge group. Its subsidiaries include CZ management consulting and CZ brand management.

CZ consulting always pays attention to the empowerment of organizational culture in the process of industrial upgrading, strategic transformation, organizational innovation, team leadership improvement and other changes and development. Starting from building a "mission oriented culture", "life oriented culture" and "strategic culture", the company advocates a "scene oriented" and "immersive" corporate culture landing mode from three perspectives of brain, heart and industry, and provides customers with three core businesses: corporate culture system consultation based on organizational culture empowerment, solidification of human resources cultural value, and dissemination of corporate brand image value, and through cultural co creation Brainstorming, coaching cultural workshops, action learning and other forms of cultural implementation to ensure that the corporate culture system can be coordinated, transformed, disseminated, diagnosed, operated and improved in the actual implementation. It is known as the "practical expert of corporate culture consulting".

CZ consulting is "problem oriented" and systematically helps enterprises solve typical problems in enterprise transformation, enterprise transformation and cultural integration. With international cutting-edge consulting technology and professional consulting teams in the industry, creative intelligence consulting has provided high-quality consulting services for the construction and implementation of organizational culture for many Chinese enterprises, including large state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, large and medium-sized private enterprises, and listed companies, involving finance, energy, manufacturing, construction engineering, real estate, Internet, transportation and logistics, medicine and medical treatment, public utilities, cultural tourism Retail FMCG and other industries.


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